About Us

ModernAgenda.com is a modernist's. architecture guide. We list and map the most important modern buildings in Cities .   Our defintion of modern stretches from Lous Sullivan's Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building (built in Chicago in 1899) to Frank Ghery's Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (completed in 1997).   This is a rather elastic defintion of modern, but will allow us to include beloved precursors and postmodern gems.

The site is built for modern architecture enthusiasts and tourists. For the folks who spend time discovering and looking up the addresses of modern buildings when visting a city. We want to make that process easier. We want to provide modern agendas.


We will start by listing and mapping the modern buildings in a couple of major world cities. Our eventual goal is to cover as many cities as possible. Here are a couple of other features we hope to add in the future:
  • User comments.
  • User submissions of cities, architects, buildings and photos.
  • Links to other web resources.
  • Off-line printable PDF guides.


If you would like to support the ongoing maintenance of this site, please become a patron.  patreon